April Favorites

April Favorites

April Favorites

Time to share my April Favorites!

April Favorites Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

In my quest to use the most natural products on my body, I knew that nail polish was my next step. Over the years, I had collected so many beautiful colors that I loved, but, after reading about how nail polish can have a negative effect on your hormones and how the chemicals get absorbed through your nails, I knew it was time to get rid of my collection and start fresh.

After doing research, I picked up Mineral Fusion Nail Polish at Whole Foods Market. These nail polishes are 100% Vegan, Toluene Free, Camphor Free, DBP Free, Formaldehyde Free, and Cruelty Free. Definitely a healthy alternative. 

I picked the three colors closest to the colors I had previously worn the most frequently – Garnet, Sapphire Dream, and Gravel Road. At first, I was worried that they would chip easily, but I have been pleasantly surprised. These polishes last just as long as my previous ones did and only having these three colors definitely helps me maintain a light toiletry bag in my travels.

April Favorites Mineral Fusion Nail Polish


April Favorites Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

Sapphire Dream

April Favorites Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

Gravel Road

Their Top Coat and Nail Polish Remover are also fantastic.

April Favorites Adventure Mason Jar

Another one of my April Favorites is this Adventure Mason Jar from MarquiaMakes on etsy. I use it daily for protein shakes, iced tea, food storage, and more. It’s so beautifully designed and well-made and I know that I will get so much use out of it this summer.

April Favorites True North Collection Headbands

True North Collection Headbands

Workout headbands are challenging for me. They can’t slip and they also can’t be so tight that they cause my glasses to dig into my head #glassesproblems. My previous favorites (which I still love!) were Sweaty Bands but I wanted ones that would cover the front of my head for days where my hair looks awful, but I need to get my workout in before my shower.

My Sweaty Bands stood the test of not slipping at all while I ran my Half Marathon, so I’m hoping my True North Headbands prove themselves in the same way. So far, they’ve stayed put during long walks, bodyweight exercises, pilates, yoga, and more.

April Favorites True North Collection Headbands

April Favorites Rosewater Toner Refill

Rosewater Toner Refill

One of my top April Favorites was discovering that I could get refills of my favorite Rosewater Toner from The Refill Shoppe in the mail. Ever since I went there and first purchased the toner, I was hoping there was a way I could stay stocked up while traveling.

April Favorites Portland Beanie

I thought I had lost my beanie. Losing a beanie is a tragedy in my mind because what else do you use to look presentable when you don’t feel like brushing your hair? or you don’t have time to shower and your hair desperately needs to be washed? or you’re going out on a windy day and need a quick way to keep your hair from blowing in your face? My beanie is a staple and I left it at the movie theater after it fell off my lap while watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (which was, sadly, a disappointing movie considering how much I absolutely adore the first one.)

The next day, I made my way back to the theater to check lost and found. Nothing. They let me back in the theater to take the seats apart and search where we had been sitting. Nope. So, I gave it up for lost and, then later, when we saw these Made-Right-Here-In-Portland-Folks Beanies at this amazing shop on Mississippi Avenue, I bought one.

Two days later the movie theater called. Now I have two beanies.

April Favorites Portland Beanie

Even though I don’t really need two beanies in my travel capsule wardrobe and suitcase space is limited, I still love this new one tremendously.

April Favorites

That’s all for me! Haven’t been trying many new things because of this crazy nomadic life.

What have you been loving lately?

  • I love the color of your beanie! And yes to that being the exact answer to of what to do when it’s windy ha.

  • That headband print is GORGEOUS!! I also love all of those nail polishes, I think the pale blue especially.

  • I love that adventure jar- I’ve been putting my coffee and smoothies in mason jars [plain ones] but that one is SO much cooler! Lol and I have a huge problem with headbands slipping I hate it, but these look great.

  • That mason jar is adorable!! I love the straw. Also love the nail polish colors 🙂 great picks! Thanks for sharing your favs!
    Danielle | AccordingtoD.com

  • that mason jar is so cute, and i ADORE the color of that beanie. also love how you added all those beautiful flowers to these photos.

  • I need to look into those nail polishes! I’ve been thinking about that as well lately because I ended up getting rid of a ton of nail polishes just because they were no longer good. I kind of want to just get rid of anything and then buy a light pink and red color and see if I’m happy with just those two colors. They’re pretty much what I reach for most of the time!

  • That blue nail polish is gorgeous! 🙂

  • That beanie is so cute! Love the colors of the nail polish too!

  • I love how the natural nail polishes look! So different from other nail polishes, almost like a gemstone feel to it!

  • That Adventure Mason Jar is so cute!