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  • Salvation Mountain

    Salvation Mountain

    Nestled deep within the lower desert of Southern California, east of the Salton Sea, you can discover Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain. Leonard created his Salvation Mountain as a tribute to God. This is his way of sharing the message of “God Is Love.” After our weekend in Palm Springs, we made the drive through the […]

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  • Welcome to Palm Springs

    Palm Springs

    Location: Palm Springs, CA Back in February, I wrote about a road trip to the Cabazon Dinosaurs and Joshua Tree National ParkI wrote about a road trip to the Cabazon Dinosaurs and Joshua Tree National Park while on my way to  weekend getaway in Palm Springs, California with my best friends. After our dusty drive, […]

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  • Red Rock Canyon | Colorado

    Red Rock Canyon

    While catching up on blog-posts-that-should-have-been-published-long-ago and rummaging through files of photos buried in folders on my laptop, I encountered these from September while we spent an evening at Red Rock Canyon in Colorado. Red Rock Canyon is a completely enchanting place. While we were visiting our friends in Colorado Springs, we took an evening detour […]

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  • The Badlands

    Badlands National Park

    The Badlands are a wilderness unlike any place I have ever seen before. There is something about how, just suddenly, the prairie stops and the the rocky surfaces of the Badlands begin that makes you feel completely transported. Like you are no longer in a place familiar and comfortable but in a terrain that feels […]

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  • 100 Years of National Parks

    Photos taken at the following National Parks: Arches, Congaree, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Mammoth Cave, Petrified Forest, Shenandoah, Yosemite, and Zion. Zion National Park tee is from Huckberry. By the time you’re reading this, then I’m taking advantage of this Free Admission Weekend at the National Parks and I’m preparing to go away for the […]

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  • Everyday Adventure in Louisville

    Louisville, KY

    Location: Louisville, Kentucky and the Louisville Slugger Museum Outfit Details: Everyday tee – Indy Brand  | Shorts – secondhand from Poshmark |  ZX/2 Sandal – Chaco Since we’re currently living in Lexington, Kentucky, Austin and I knew that we couldn’t let this time pass without taking a day trip up to Louisville. Austin had always wanted to visit the Slugger Museum & Factory […]

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  • Summer in Lexington

    Lexington Farmer's Market

    Since we are currently living in Lexington, Kentucky and will be here until the end of August, Austin and I have been strive to survive the heat wave and yet still enjoy our summer here. We’re living just a short drive from Downtown Lexington and the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market has proved to be the […]

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  • Weekend Lifestyle at the Red River Gorge

    Kentucky Weekend

    Go places. Do things. That’s the tagline of the Weekend Tee Co. and I couldn’t more in love with it. A weekend lifestyle isn’t just about weekends. It’s about exploring, wandering, visiting new places, accomplishing goals, getting things done, and seizing the day. Since I’m a nomad (current location: Kentucky) this means getting out of […]

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  • Hiking Pack Essentials

    Hiking Pack Essentials

    If you’ve been reading my blog for any short amount of time, it will come as no surprise when I tell you that I love hiking. If I could choose my ideal way to spend a weekend, it will involve being outdoors, exploring some new trail. Since Austin and I are currently traveling around the […]