Elegantees + Aromas Coffee | Greenwood, SC

Aromas Village Coffee

Greenwood, SC

During our first year of being married, Austin and I both had to work on Saturdays which left us with only Sundays to spend together. We loved those days off, but going to church on Sunday mornings meant that lazy mornings spent at a local coffee shop together were few and far between. Now that we have a proper two-day weekend, we’ve been enjoying Saturdays walking around downtown and visiting independent coffee shops in the area.

Since moving from Portland, we’ve been in Greenwood, South Carolina and, a few weekends ago, I put on my comfy peplum Chelsea tee from Elegantees and we took a walk and went to Aromas Village Coffee together.

Elegantees Chelsea Mamuye Tote

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Elegantees is an amazing company that helps rescue women from sexual slavery in Nepal and their Kingdom Hope Sewing Center provides security and jobs for women who have escaped the bonds of human trafficking. The Chelsea Tee was designed with Chelsea Lankford from Truelane and it helps restore lives, one tee at a time.

Greenwood, SC

We are an awesome brand with beautiful products. Yes, you can find similar items for less elsewhere, but you can know your purchase has a purpose with us. Elegantees was started to help women recover from the bondage of sex trafficking. Once she’s rescued, we offer sewing jobs as an opportunity to keep her far from the possibility of being trafficked again. Each order goes into employing more women rescued from trafficking to give a hope and a future to them. Fight Against Modern-day Slavery | Elegantees

Elegantees Chelsea

Outfit Details: Chelsea Tee – Elegantees | Maxi Skirt – Old | Mamuye Tote –  live FashionABLE |
Cole Haan Manhattan Ballet Flats – Nordstrom | Necklace – Noonday Collection

Elegantees Chelsea

Our mission is to provide hope to overcomers of sex trafficking in Nepal. A positive source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence restores lives one elegant tee at a time.
Mission Statement | Elegantees

Greenwood, SC

Aromas Village Coffee was a happy discovery we made in Greenwood and it is the perfect place to sit and talk after a walk around Downtown.

Aromas Village Coffee

They even have coloring books and board games scattered around for anyone to use.

I don’t normally enjoy flavored drinks, however, I took a risk at Aromas with their signature Lavender Latte and I’m so glad that I did. Housemade lavender syrup, espresso, and half & half. The coffee was strong and it didn’t taste sweet at all. Now I wish I could go back every day.

Aromas Village Coffee

Do you have a favorite way to spend Saturday mornings?

Have you ever tried a Lavender Latte?

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  • Wow, that latte looks good and sounds so unique! I love that they have the coloring books and board games. We have a distillery near us that serves these delicious mixed drinks, and they have a bunch of board games there as well!

  • Candy Kage

    Enjoy your Latte it looks divine.

  • Wow, you take amazing pictures! I must say I’m a fan of that tote!

  • <3 I LOVE coffee dates! And lavender lattes are my jam! 😉

  • Andy

    Being a digital nomad, Aromas is one of my “satellite offices.” Ada and the rest of the staff are always helpful and accommodating! My new favorite is the Cortado. It’s a two-shot espresso drink cut with steamed milk. Prepared the traditional Cuban way, it includes agave and cinnamon. It’s a great pick-me-up without having to chug down 20 ounces of brewed coffee. Perfection!

    • Their cortados are incredible! That’s my husband’s favorite and he orders one every time we go. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Andy!

  • carreen raynor

    lavender lattes are amazing, aren’t they? the coffee shop scene in albuquerque is pretty lacking (at least in our neck of it…to get to anything not-starbucks means a thirty minute drive to a crummy part of town), but i met a friend downtown once for a lavender latte and it was quite lovely. =]

  • What a cute little place! I love that they have coloring books for their guest. I have never heard of a lavender latte. I’m going to have to scout one out here in San Diego. It sounds amazing!

  • i love lavender cookies, so lavender lattes must taste awesome! =) love book stores and coffee shops, but when the sky is blue, i have to be outdoors!

  • Ashleigh

    All of this looks fabulous and cozy! Thank you for sharing your experience! I would love those cookies!

  • I feel like I already knew and got excited about you being in SC, but I just have to say something about it again. haha. I miss the South in the summer! Although I know it can get unbearably humid and hot, there is nothing like home to me 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying it!

  • Oh my gosh a lavender latte sounds beyond incredible!

    La Belle Sirene

  • Karin Rambo

    I love elegantees! And I love the Chelsea top! 🙂 It looks so cute on you. It’s so nice that you guys have Saturday mornings now to spend time together. We love our Saturday mornings as well!