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I don’t know about you, but I know that when I take care of myself, I am able to work better, live better, and help others better. Over time, I’ve learned just how much it’s about finding balance, though. You cannot live a life honoring to God or a life beneficial to the people around you if you are solely focused on yourself. However, taking a bit of time every day to direct your gaze and thoughts inward can empower you and set you up for success for what ever else comes your way.

Hyde Yoga

That’s where my daily yoga practice comes in. Yoga has been something that I’ve enjoyed for a long time, but this summer I’ve committed to making it a daily practice. I arrive on the mat (almost) every day – somedays full of energy, somedays completely drained. Somedays I can master a crow pose and others I just want to stay in savanna the entire time.

On my good days, yoga empowers me and, on my bad days, yoga encourages me to extend grace to myself. Yoga isn’t just helping me with finding balance in tree pose; it’s causing me to cultivate balance with my heart and mind as I battle with pursuing unattainable perfectionism.

Hyde Yoga

When practicing yoga, it helps to be dressed in comfortable clothes that you can move freely in and feel beautiful and strong in. Hyde Yoga was kind enough to send me a tank to review and share with all of you. The top they sent me was the Vira Tank in Coal. The tank made from deliciously soft organic cotton, is lined with a plum-colored contrast, has built-in support, and a delicately shirred v-neck and a hem that falls at the hip for full coverage, regardless of your position.

Hyde Yoga clothes are all ethically and sustainable made and Hyde donates 10% of all proceeds to a non-profit organization that supports women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid, job training, rights education, and small business assistance. So, as a result, when you make a purchase from them, you are contributing to a greater purpose and mission.

Hyde Yoga

By producing our clothes with a organic cotton – a fabric the both feels great to the touch and has a positive impact on our planet, we hope to inspire sthira and sukha in your own asana practice—both on and off the mat.

Why Organic Cotton | Hyde

Hyde Yoga

This summer I will be balancing responsibilities as a wife and a friend while I make the most of traveling and studying and working hard to prepare for future ministry and a career. There is a lot on my mind and so, coming to my mat, quieting my thoughts, and focusing on being intentional physically and rejoicing in the strength God has given me, is a gift I can give myself to set me up for success in finding balance in my life every single day.

Hyde Yoga

If you are looking for comfortable and beautiful yoga clothes that harm no one, look no further than Hyde. You can use the code poppyhyde for 15% off purchases from Hyde Yoga until August 31st, 2016.

How do you find balance in your daily life?

Do you practice yoga too?

  • I’ve never tried yoga but it does sound so relaxing!

    • It is! One of the most relaxing ways to exercise. 😉

  • Samantha

    I love yoga, but I fell out of my routine with it. It’s time for me to get back on the mat! And that tank is adorable and looks sooo comfy!

    • Routines are hard! I’m always falling out of mine, but they are always there for you when you’re ready to get back into them! Thanks for stopping by, Samantha!

  • Karin Rambo

    Do you do a yoga video? Or do you just do your own practice? I love yoga, but I can’t afford a yoga studio and I haven’t found many videos I absolutely love.

    • I had the same struggle, Karin. I couldn’t afford to go to a studio and I never found a video that I liked until just a few months ago. Look up Yoga With Adriene on Youtube. I’ve done her 30 day yoga challenges and her fundamentals of yoga series and several of her other videos. Every one is excellent. She is funny, calming, encouraging, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. And all the videos are free. I absolutely love her. 🙂

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    Looks so comfortable and super soft. I can’t wait to look through their stuff.

    • It is so comfy, Jessica! I hope you kind find some fantastic new yoga wear from them!

  • I love organic cotton! I have never heard of this company. I am going to have to check them out!

    • Organic Cotton is the best! And this tank is so incredibly soft. I’m hoping to get more of Hyde’s things in the future and I hope you find something you love!

  • I love yoga and hearing about what it does for others, thank you for sharing! And that tank looks so soft!

    • Hi Kasee! Yes – the tank is beautifully soft. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Anvita – TheBellyRulesTheMind

    I try to do yoga atleast thrice a week and it surely helps. the outfits must be super comfy given it’s organic cotton

    • Practicing yoga regularly helps so much – making an intention to get on the mat whether it’s once a week or every day.

  • i love power yoga, it is def my fav. yoga clothes get cuter all the time!


    • It’s a favorite of mine too! And yes – cute yoga clothes are amazing!

  • Mimi Rose

    Yoga definitely keeps me healthy and balanced too! Also, I totally love wearing yoga clothes even when I’m not practicing – so comfy!

    • Comfy yoga clothes around the house is something I definitely do as well. Thanks for saying hello, Mimi! 🙂

  • Carol Deffry Trimmer

    I practice yoga too, but I like to mix it up with some Chi gong which is really a form of yoga. Thanks for the information about Hyde Yoga – I will check it out. Always looking for organic sources of yoga clothes.

  • Aileen (Aileen Cooks)

    I love yoga, but don’t make it as much of a priority as I should. Now that I’m pregnant again, I’ve tried picking it back up (it really helps with joint pain), my goal is to take one class a week. 🙂

  • I love yoga too but forget to do it regularly. That top is beautiful, I love the colour.