Indoor Herb Garden | DIY

Indoor Herb Garden DIY

Austin and I recently spent a quiet weekend running errands for our project of building our indoor herb garden. Because Chicago is currently covered by a layer of icy snow, I was craving life and something green. We recently moved all the furniture around in our tiny apartment and we had an clear corner and an empty shoe organizer. Austin suggested that we use it for our little garden and it turned out so perfectly, we are now believers that anyone could make a garden from just about anything.

Indoor Herb Garden DIY

Supplies for Your Own Indoor Herb Garden:

We used an old shoe organizer but you could use anything – mason jars, tea tins, crates, tubs, etc.

Garden Pebbles


We started with what was available – mint, basil, rosemary, and thyme.
In the future I hope to add oregano, parsley, and lavender.


Plastic + Staple Gun
We needed these because our shoe organizer isn’t wood and we didn’t want any chemicals that are in it affecting our plants.


1. Prepare your container

For us, this included removing the dividers, cutting our plastic to size, and using a staple gun to secure it as a lining. Make sure that whatever container you are using is clean.

2. Pour in pebbles.

These are vital for proper drainage and to keep the roots of your plants from rotting. This is especially important for smaller containers with no drainage such as mason jars.

3. Top with soil.

4. Plant your herbs.

5. Care for your plants

Ensure that they are by a window where they can receive plenty of natural sunlight and monitor their need for water. If the soil feels damp to the touch, they are fine. If it feels dry, then you need to water.

Indoor Herb Garden DIY

Indoor Herb Garden DIY

Have you ever tried starting a garden indoors?

Any tips for growing herbs and helping them thrive?

Comment below and let me know!

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  • This is so clever! Way to make container gardening work for the indoors. Keep us posted on how your herbs grow!

  • This is a great idea. Less bending for me.

  • Kim

    Ahhhhh green in the middle of winter. I may just have to give this a try. I’m craving my garden therapy of the spring and summer. Love this! Blessings!

  • mmm fresh herbs are the best. What a great little herb garden. Bet it makes things smell good too.

  • I want to make an indoor herb garden too, thanks for the tips!

  • I love this! My husband and I keep lots of plants around the house because we need also need the green when it’s a white blanket outside because of snow…this is absolutely awesome and a great way to spend time together!

  • I’ve always wanted my own herb garden. I’ve only ever had 1 plant here or there, but it eventually dies. This looks like a great way to have variety and have enough that I would be motivated to keep them alive!

  • Rocio Chavez

    I was just thinking I need to create my herb garden inside. Winter generally kills everything, but I love having fresh herbs year round, so this year I’m going to take your advice and make it an indoor one instead. Thanks!

  • I love gardens and this is such a great way to get herbs in the middle of winter with out having to pay so much for them at the store! This is such a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing this, I think this is going to be my next project!!!

  • Oh I love that idea! I just don’t know where I would put it! We have 2 cats who think what’s mine is theirs so I would need some sort of cover over the top. I love the whole box you have though! I have never seen that before! Genius!

  • How cool! I’ve never tried to grow herbs inside as I have a black thumb 🙁 I love the concept of being able to grow and pick herbs needed for your recipes, etc.!

  • I’ve been wanting to start an indoor herb garden for awhile now, and you have shown me that it is not too much work! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Oh man, I’d love to do this, but my house unfortunately gets hardly any sunlight what so ever! 🙁 But, I will definitely pin this for the future!

  • What a nice way to be able to grow herbs inside. We have a lovely area this would be perfect for.

  • Very cool. This is something I could try out with the kids 🙂

  • I’ve really been wanting to start an herb garden. Thanks for some useful tips.

  • I love this post! I’ve been meaning to start an indoor herb garden for the past few years, and this is totally motivating me to actually get it done. You’ve shown just how easy it is, and you’ve made it so much less intimidating. Thanks!

  • I’m trying to do this too so thanks for posting

  • I love that indoor box! There’s not a large enough space with natural light in our home, but looking forward to building one outside this spring!

  • I so need to show this to my husband. He is still trying to keep the dream alive of having a garden in our backyard, but every time the seasons change, the herbs die and we have to replant – and it’s usually different herbs depending on the weather, meaning I don’t always have access to the herbs I want. I would SO rather do something like this – indoors, protected, that I can control (and keep alive).

  • We just did a garden with mason jars as a #SundayFunday project! We used hydrogel beads to ensure they had proper water, and to make them pretty. I am so in agreement: This time of year, a little something green definitely lifts the mood!!

  • I use a ton of herbs in my cooking and love to build an indoor herb garden like yours. Thanks for step-by-step pictures, it seems easy to follow and to build one.. even though I’ve never built anything like this before!

  • So fun! Really great tips too. I have never made an indoor herb garden before, but love the idea of having fresh herbs on hand.

  • This looks lovely! Ready for spring…

  • What an amazing idea! I’ve been wanting an indoor herb garden for awhile now and this may have just given me the motivation to finally get it done! Thanks for sharing!

  • What an incredible idea! I miss our fresh herb garden; I never thought of creating an indoor one!

  • Starting an herb garden is such an Adventure Goal of mine. I cannot keep anything green alive, but I am determined because I always feel like a CHUMP when I buy huge bundles of herbs just to have it get wilty and gross before I can use it all!

  • What a cute idea! I love that you brought a little bit of spring into your home to help with battling the ice, snow, and cold! Great use of re-purposing a piece of furniture! Loved it!

  • I have grown herbs in the past but in individual containers. I love your idea so much more, super cute and smart! I definitely need to get back to growing more indoor plants, I could use green around the house too. So ready for spring!
    xx, Kusum |

  • I really want one of these! Love the repurposing idea.

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  • I want to do this! Thanks for sharing.

  • OOOH! I want to do this! I would LOVE to have fresh herbs year round. Looks like my hubs and I will be making a trip to Menards this weekend! 🙂

  • Love this. Be careful with the mint; it’s invasive. You may want to move it to it’s own pot or it will take over the entire garden.

  • Love this. Be careful with the mint; it’s invasive. You may want to move it to it’s own pot, or it will take over the entire garden.