Methodical Coffee | Greenville, SC

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

We see a humble sophistication in the simplicity of brewing coffee and the complexity of its mastery. About | Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee is a beautiful space located in the heart of Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a coffee shop before with as pretty of an aesthetic as Methodical Coffee has.

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

Austin and I stopped by on the beginning of our road trip as we moved from South Carolina to Kentucky and when I ordered a Cold Brew for the road, I was surprised and delighted to discover that they bottle their cold brew fresh every morning. Cold Brew in a bottle? Yes please.

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

The folks at Methodical Coffee truly know how to turn making coffee into art.

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

And how can you not love a place that serves their beverages in these darling tea cups?

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee gets the details right. From the amazing aprons the baristas wear to the vintage decor and accents to matching tea canisters to chocolate wrapped in pretty paper… everything adds to the space’s uniqueness and charm.

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee

They even have a balcony that would be perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee, visiting with friends, getting some work done, or just people watching. If we had more time to spend, I would have loved to settle in up there for a hour or two.

Methodical Coffee

Once we had grabbed our coffee, we headed out. As much as we would have loved to stay, it was time to head out on a drive to our next adventure. It was time to head out on a drive that was fueled by Methodical Coffee.

Methodical Coffee

Are you from around Greenville, South Carolina?

Have you ever visited Methodical Coffee?

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  • kyla

    dude this place looks amazing.
    thanks for expanding my list of coffee places to visit.
    and once again, if you ever find your way near amarillo, we’ll take you to some coffee shops. 😉

    • Kyla, it truly is fantastic. And you’re welcome. 😀 I’m trying to highlight at least one noteworthy coffee shop in each state we visit. As a result, I drink a lot of coffee, but I’m not complaining. If we find ourselves in Amarillo, I’ll definitely be taking you up on that offer. 😉

  • Not from SC but this cute shop is some place i would love to visit if I go to SC.

    • I’m not from SC either, but it’s a fantastic state to visit.

  • This is so cute! I’d definitely stop by if I ever visit Greenville. 🙂

    • Isn’t it adorable? If you’re ever in Greenville, it’s worth stopping at.

  • They have a loft?! That is adorable and I wanna go!
    I’m really not that far from Greenville (like 2 hours?), and I have a friend that went to school there. I need to ask him if he’s been!

    • I know! A darling and perfect loft. When we were in SC, we were an hour from Greenville, but we loved it there so much, we didn’t mind the drive.

  • This place is a dreaaaaaam. I really can’t wait until I own a coffee shop one day!

    • Isn’t it lovely? Is it your dream to own a coffee shop one day? My husband hopes to own one too. I’d love to hear about your vision!

  • Nicole Leith

    I’ve only been to Greenville once, but now I want to go back. It looks like someone just invited you into their home for a cup o’ joe. I love it! And I love that they bottle their own coffe!

    • I love that they bottle their own cold brew too. And yes! Coffee shops with homey atmospheres are my favorite.

  • Taylor Smith

    What a neat place!! I love the atmosphere!!!

    • I love it too! Thanks for stopping by, Taylor!

  • Sarah Hartland


    • Yes! It is adorable. Have a great day, Sarah!

  • linda spiker

    Truly lovely! If I drank coffee, I would definitely drink it there!

  • Mary La Fornara

    There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a new coffee house. I will definitely be visiting Methodical Coffee when I’m in Greenville.

  • What an adorable coffee shop! I love it!!!!
    XO Amanda |

  • What an amazing place! I think I could sit there for hours sipping coffee.

  • What a great coffee shop! I LOVE rustic shops like this! <3 When you take pictures of shops like this do you ask the employees if you can take pictures or do you just do it? I'm always too intimidated to take pictures in coffee shops. 😉

    • Sometimes I ask and sometimes I just go for it. If I have my DSLR and it isn’t busy, I might ask. Otherwise, I’ll just use my phone and take some photos discretely. I was intimidated for a long time, but the more times I’ve just gone for it, the more confident I’ve become. 😀

  • Such a lovely little shop! I so wish I had more around me like this – with the rustic, positive vibe. And cold brew coffee, hello! Sounds like the perfect place to take a break, or do some work while sipping your coffee. I’ve never been to Greenville…makes me want to visit SC!

  • Rachel Golden

    This shop looks so darling! I’ve been on the hunt for a cute, quaint coffee shop in Pittsburgh. I hope I find one as nice as Methodical! I would love a balcony to sit and people watch while getting work done.

  • This place looks so lovely! I need to find one like this by me!

  • It is such a lovely coffee shop! I’ll have to add it to my list of places to try 🙂

  • Carly Ferguson

    How fun! This place looks darling… I love a good coffee shop!

  • Beautiful space! I love traveling somewhere and learning about a neighborhood by visiting the coffee and bake shops. I’ll be keeping this one in mind if I can get to SC!