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LuLaRoe Mini Capsule Wardrobe

LuLaRoe Mini Capsule Wardrobe

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A few months ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of LuLaRoe and, since then, there has been no turning back. In short, LuLaRoe is a company that produces ethically made clothing (not all made in the USA anymore, though) that strives to empower women around the world and make them feel confident and beautiful. All shopping is done through consultants who run their own private businesses. When the lovely Marissa Jernigan (a LuLaRoe consultant) agreed to send me some items to try, I was over the moon. She was so kind and helpful and you can join her VIP shopping group here!

LuLaRoe Mini Capsule Wardrobe

She sent me four items – a pair of leggings, a Cassie pencil skirt, an Irma tunic, and a Perfect Tee. I was excited to mix-and-match them and use them to create a mini capsule wardrobe for a weekend trip. To give you an idea of sizing, I’m usually a true women’s Medium and in LuLaRoe I wear a Small or X-Small Irma tunic, a Small Perfect Tee, a Medium Cassie Skirt, and OS (One Size) Leggings.

The moment I tried these items on, I was struck by how insanely comfortable they are. The tops are loose and flowy, the leggings are thick and oh-so-soft, and the skirts and stretchy and flattering. Since the majority of my days are spent traveling or working from hotels, comfort is of the utmost importance. Because of LuLaRoe, I can wear a classy pencil skirt and still feel like I’m wearing pajamas.

Lularoe Capsule Collage

Outfit #1

I decided to have fun with pattern mixing and wore my striped Irma Tunic with the purple floral Cassie Skirt. Once I added my favorite Sam Edelman Petty Booties I was ready for anything.

Outfit #2

For this combination, I just switched out my top for the solid gray Perfect Tee and put on my Birkenstock Arizona Sandals. The shape of the Perfect Tee creates such a beautiful shape with the pencil skirt and this outfit has been worn constantly since I first tried it.

Outfit #3

This outfit was so fun! First of all, the leggings are called “butter soft” for a reason. They are soft enough to be the coziest leggings you’ve ever worn, but thick enough to wear without worrying about anything showing through them. To add some fun to an otherwise plain outfit, I decided to wear my Cassie skirt as an infinity scarf instead. LuLaRoe clothing is so versatile and I love how creative you can be with the pieces.

Outfit #4

I have adored wearing leggings ever since I was kid and I still love wearing them. However, I don’t like to wear them unless my top is long and loose and thankfully LuLaRoes tops are designed to wear with leggings with their flowy silhouettes and their longer lengths. Leggings with an Irma tunic is LuLaRoe’s signature outfit and I can see why. The leggings are comfy, but the loose fit of the Irma allows me freedom of movement and the hi-low hem makes sure that everything stays modest and covered.

LuLaRoe Mini Capsule Wardrobe

Ever since Marissa sent me these items, I have been wearing LuLaRoe non-stop and I adore how these clothes make me feel stylish and beautiful and put-together without sacrificing on comfort. Make sure to visit Marissa’s Instagram for style inspiration and join her VIP shopping group to get some LuLaRoe for yourself! (She has so many beautiful prints to choose from. There is seriously something for everyone!)

LuLaRoe Mini Capsule Wardrobe

Have you ever created your own mini capsule wardrobe?

What LuLaRoe styles are your favorite?

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  • Christena Melea

    I have my own capsule! & I think you did great! I love that you turned your skirt into a scarf!

  • Sarah Jean

    I keep hearing about Lululroe and need to get on board too!

  • I love this purple floral pattern! You’ve styled all of these looks so perfectly, love it!


    Lee Anne

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I love the versatility with those items! I always try to buy clothing that could be used in many different ways.

  • I think I need to try a perfect. I’m just not crazy about the Irma! But I love, love, love my Madison skirt!

    • I’ve never tried the Madison skirt, but even though I like the Irma, the Perfect Tee is, by far, my favorite LuLaRoe top. Hopefully you’ll like it better!

      • Yeah, the problem with the Irma for me is that there just really isn’t a size that fits me well. The XS was way too big overall, but the XXS is really tight in the sleeves. Some people have told me the sleeve fit can be different depending on the Irma and the material type, but since all the sellers I know are online I can’t really try them on or anything first – which is why I want to find a perfect in a pattern I like to try instead!

  • Crystal Marie

    Cute outfits! Love the skirt!

  • These are great outfits! I would of never thought to build a capsule wardrobe from Lularoe since so many of the items are bold.

    • Hi Alison! Yes – the prints can be crazy, but the trick is to find colors that work together. And stripes count as a neutral, so that always helps!

  • I love how you wore the skirt as a scarf! I seriously would never have known if you hadn’t said it was a skirt. I need to try Lularoe, everyone always raves about it!

    • Thanks, Shannon! I wasn’t sure that wearing the skirt as a scarf would work, but I tried it and -hey! I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely give LuLaRoe a try. I was hesitant about it for a while, but now I don’t want to wear anything else. I’m wearing a LuLaRoe dress and sweater today and it’s pretty much what I wear every day now. 😉

  • I have seen so many but never created on for myself. I need to do it!

    • Yes! Capsule wardrobes are so much fun!

  • kyla

    lularoe is to die for man.
    also, you’ve got to get a nicole for dressember, because they are the most amazing.

    • I’m beginning to realize that. What have I begun. And I may already have a nicole dress and may or may not have already fallen in love with it. HOW CAN A DRESS BE SO COMFY. Tell me how.

  • That grey top looks so, so comfy and cozy!!

    • Yes! The gray perfect tee is my favorite! It looks amazing with everything!

  • mapam30

    I’ve just been introduced too–about end of Aug a close friend became a consultant –I love the clothes & so does my teenager =) There are some pieces we both can wear <3 that there REALLY is something for every BODY

  • I really like the irma tunic — though I am a sucker for all things tripes! I wasn’t aware that LuLaRoe was ethically made. That’s awesome!

    • I know – stripes are always a winner. 😉

  • I’ve heard so many great things about LulaRoe! Everything looks really comfortable, and I love all the colors/patterns.

  • Such a nice choice! All 4 looks are really cute!



  • Aileen (Aileen Cooks)

    I recently discovered LLR and love how soft their leggings are!

    • Their leggings are crazy soft. I love them!

  • I really like outfit 3! I like you used the skirt as a scarf, what a cute idea!

  • You look so cute!!! I need to get me some LLR!!!

    • Yes you do! Their clothing is amazing and so perfect for looking put together and staying comfy at the same time. 🙂