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  • Pike Place Market | Seattle

    Pike Place Market Seattle

    On one of Austin’s only days off (and few chances to sleep in) during our time living in Oregon, we woke up early anyway. There was a new place to explore an another adventure to have. After winding our way through Portland streets, we found our way to Union Station where our train was waiting. Once […]

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  • Travel Tote Essentials

    Travel Mamuye Tote Adventure Essentials

    It seems like I’ve spent much of my current adult life searching for the perfect tote. The Madewell Transport tote is a classic choice, but, when I decided to only purchase clothing and accessories that were ethically made, I had to continue my search. As a traveler, I knew that the tote that I chose as […]

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  • Fox Valley Half Marathon

    Fox Valley Half Marathon

    Since today is National Running day, I want to talk about the day I ran my first-ever half marathon. It was such a momentous and exciting day for me and I wanted to share the story and experience with all of you. On the morning of Sunday, September 20th 2015, after training all summer, I ran […]

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  • May Favorites

    May Favorites Featured

    I have some exciting May Favorites to share today… Savannah Bee Company Wild Blackberry Honey Lotion One small hive—that was the humble origin of Savannah Bee Company. Today, the one small hive concept is the very foundation on which our company’s mission and philosophy rests. We believe the noble honeybee is the perfect role model […]

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  • Multnomah Falls | Oregon

    Multnomah Falls

    Early morning in Oregon. Our little apartment was empty. Our suitcases were packed. We had an airplane to catch before heading off to our next home in South Carolina. Before bidding Oregon a fond farewell, however, we had one last adventure ahead of us. With all of our current belongings in the back of the […]

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  • Cannon Beach | Oregon

    Cannon Beach Haystack Rock

    While we were in Oregon, Austin was working a crazy amount of hours so we didn’t get to explore together much. However, since he was able to get off work early one evening and decided to have a mini getaway to see Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach on the glorious Northwest Coast. The entire area […]

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  • Kure Juice Bar | Portland

    KURE Juice Smoothie Bowls

    Happy Wednesday, my friends! Today I want to introduce you all to my favorite discovery from my recent Portland Adventures… Welcome to KURE Juice Bar. Conveniently found in several locations in Downtown Portland, KURE is THE PLACE for cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and the most amazing out-of-this-world smoothie bowls. I was intrigued when I spotted it while […]

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  • Mississippi Avenue | Portland

    Mississippi Ave Por Que No Taqueria

    This is a story about a second-day in Portland (you can read about our first-day adventures here) where we crossed the Fremont Bridge, explored Mississippi Avenue, and ate the best tacos, and chips, and guac in the whole entire world. It was an overcast morning, but nice and cool and perfect for a day out […]

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  • A Day Downtown | Portland

    Downtown Portland Powell's

    If you follow along with me on Instagram (@cassandranoelle) you might have seen that I recently spent a lot of time in Portland Oregon. Austin had a job assignment there so we spent just over a month living in a cozy apartment just a quick drive (or a train ride) away from the heart of downtown. […]

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  • April Favorites

    April Favorites

    Time to share my April Favorites! In my quest to use the most natural products on my body, I knew that nail polish was my next step. Over the years, I had collected so many beautiful colors that I loved, but, after reading about how nail polish can have a negative effect on your hormones and […]

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  • Cafe Vida | Culver City, CA

    Cafe Vida, Culver City

    I first visited Cafe Vida when I traveled to California for Christmas, and I loved it so much, I was excited to go back for breakfast when I was in California again. Located right next to the Kirk Douglas Theatre, it’s nestled right in heart of Downtown Culver City (my hometown.) Tee – Everlane | Jeans – ThredUp | Jacket […]

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  • Birkenstocks | Arizona Sandals

    Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

    I love sandals. Growing up in Southern California, I rarely wore anything else. When temperatures hardly drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, what reason is there to give up the freedom of sandals for close-toed shoes? As a kid, I pretty much wore Birkenstocks exclusively. I remember this pair that I had that were blue with […]

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  • California Road Trip

    California Road Trip

    I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. California road trips are the epitome of joy. There’s just something so perfect about the sunshine days and how the desert turns to mountains turns to beaches. I love driving along the coast and watching surfers in the vast Pacific. Driving through other states just […]

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  • Quinoa Bowl

    I love having easy go-to lunches in my fridge. When I plan my meals ahead of time, it helps me to eat healthier and not feel the urge to snack. Lately, I’ve been eating these quinoa bowls every day so I decided to share them with all of you. Cooking one big batch of quinoa […]