How to Have a Perfect Road Trip

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

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Perfect Road Trip with SToK

Is there anything better than a summer road trip? If you’re anything like me, then the answer is a firm and resounding no. Growing up in California, I took road trips with my family all the time and even now, I would much rather drive than fly. Since my husband and I are nomads, we are on the road a lot and in addition to all of the other travels we’ve had in the past year so far, we have spent the last two weekends road tripping. As a result, we have lots of tips and tricks that help us have a successful trip.

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

Here are my tips for perfect road trip…

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

Pack light //

When we’re on the road, it’s not fun to feel like you are squished into a car that is overflowing with things. Packing too many bags will weigh you down and will make everything more complicated. I know that it’s easy to feel like you can just throw anything and everything into the back since you aren’t flying, but I’ve found that the more I have, the more time I spend managing stuff and the less time I have to actually enjoy the trip.

Bonus: Packing like a minimalist means that there is less to bring in from the car and unpack when you get home again!

Perfect Road Trip

Stay organized //

While driving, I loathe having to rummage through bags and try to reach something that we need from the back seat. Make sure to pull out everything you might need for the trip and bring it up in advance. Also, put everything in a bag or pouch or container so your trunk isn’t full of a lot of loose items that could end up getting broken or lost. It’s just a good idea to know where everything is in the car so you can grab it quickly if you need it.

Perfect Road Trip

Plan your route and road stops ahead of time //

There have been several times we’ve planned to stop in a city for dinner, but never picked a restaurant. As a result we faced delays that we hadn’t anticipated. When we can, we always try to plan all our road stops and meals ahead of time so we can make the best use of our time when we do stop. This also allows us to try local restaurants instead of having to go somewhere right off the freeway.

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

Fuel up //

Having plenty of water and other healthy snacks and drinks is a must!

My husband is stellar explorer and his strong, intrepid personality often plans several late nights whenever we road trip. Even though he loves hitting the road and being behind the wheel, sometimes he needs something to wake him up and revamp his adventurous spirit and take it to the next level. That’s where SToK™ Cold-Brew Iced Coffee comes in. SToK™ is the brand of geeked-out coffee that enables us to be energized and inspired for late nights in the car and early mornings getting outside, exploring new places, and meeting interesting people.

Having SToK™ Cold Brew on-hand in the car with us means we don’t have to stop as often for coffee so we can keep on rolling. Since we both like our coffee strong, bold, and black, we opt for Un-Sweet version that is slow-brewed, pure coffee, with no weird ingredients. (That makes my natural-loving heart so happy!)

During a late-night drive during our road trip to Colorado last weekend, we stopped by Walmart to grab our fuel for the rest of our time on the road.  As soon as we had our SToK™ Cold Brew Iced Coffee, we were ready to continue on to our destination.

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

During late night road trips, SToK™ makes sure that we reach our destination and are inspired and ready for whatever adventures await us when we arrive.

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

Choose your tunes //

An amazing playlist is one of the best parts of a road trip! Over the years, I’ve been building and tweaking my list of favorite traveling tunes and I think that, by now, it’s pretty much perfect. I even gathered my favorite road trip songs together so you can have them too for your next drive.

For the perfect tunes for wherever the scenic route may take you, click here: Roadways Playlist.

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

Dress comfortably //

Whenever we’re going to be hitting the road, I make sure to wear my favorite perfect road trip outfit. It’s comfortable enough for sitting in the car but also stylish enough for roadside stops and spontaneous adventures. (For those times you stop somewhere other than a rest stop or gas station.) Birkenstocks are perfect for being easy to slide off and on. When I wear them with my favorite pair of leggings, a cozy flannel, and my fedora, I’m ready for anything!

Perfect Road Trip with SToK

Hit the road and stay flexible //

You’re ready to hit the road and embark upon your perfect road trip! Bring your adventurous spirit along for when you encounter the unexpected. Perfect road trips are only made perfect by embracing their unique imperfections so stay flexible and enjoy whatever comes your way. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination.


What are your tips for a perfect road trip?

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  • I need to try that iced coffee! MY fiance and I usually pack our iced coffee maker when we travel haha I just love it!

    Rachel |

    • It’s delicious iced coffee! You sound just like us – we need to bring coffee with us when we travel – all the time!

  • Dressing comfortably and packing light are so important! That’s why I pack my most versatile pieces o can mix with different outfits, so I don’t overpack! Lovely post!

    • Thank you! and yes! versatile pieces are the key to packing light.

  • If we are driving for more than a day to reach our vacation spot, my husband, kids and I will share an overnight bag for the hotel. That way, we don’t have to carry all of our luggage in for just one night. I have never heard of Stok, I’ll have to look for it and give it a try!

    • We always did the same thing when I was traveling with my parents and siblings. It was so much easier to bring just one bag into the hotel then everyones suitcases every night.

  • These are all fab tips. I love the Un-Sweet cold brew from SToK. It goes really well with some vanilla coconut creamer! Dressing comfy during a road trip is essential! :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • I’ve never tried it with coconut creamer, but now I definitely want to give it a try. Thanks! 🙂

  • My husband loves iced coffee so I will have to check out this brand! Thanks for sharing!


    • Definitely check them out! The coffee is delicious!

  • So good! Love iced coffee and this looks amazing!


    Lee Anne

  • YES girl. You rocked this out!! SToK is one of my husband and I’s favorite cold brews, as well. It’s smooth and flavorful! Your photos are awesome, and so are your tips! Tunes are a must. 😉

    • Thank you so much, Summer! You have no idea how much all your encouragement has meant to me. You helped give me the confidence to put myself out there and I appreciate all the help! Keep being amazing, friend. 😉

  • YES! I so agree!

    • Haha! Yep – I have a feeling a road trip with you would be amazing. 😀

  • temysmom

    We do a ton of road trips and your tips are spot on. Pack light, dress comfortably, and plan ahead! #client

    • Yes! Always! Having a plan, but also being ready for an unexpected adventure.

  • This really makes me want to plan a trip!

    • You should do it! Where would you go, Aubry?

  • Packing light is so essential to not feeling squished!

    • Yes! It definitely is! Thanks for stopping by, Stacia!

  • Great job on your first shoppertunity girl! Loved this post!

    Xx Taylor

  • These are fantastic tips! <3 I love road trips! <3

    • I love them too! Thanks for saying hi, Susannah. Hope you have a great week.

  • I’m a road trip AND coffee junkie myself! Also, I’m literally drinking SToK right this second. I LOVE the “Not too sweet” version… SO GOOD!!!

    • YES! The SToK coffee is amazing and so perfect for road trips!

  • I seriously love your posts! They always have great photos and they’re always a nice read. This one is no exception.

    Kirsten –

    • Thank you so much for the sweet words, Kirsten! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and your encouragement means so much! Have a lovely week! 🙂

  • I had been wondering if I should try some cold-brew from the grocery store, and there are so many brands to choose from. I’m glad to know that this one is a good pick!

    • Yes, Kristen – this is a fantastic one to pick. If you end up trying it, let me know what you think!

  • Such a fun trip/post! I need to try Stok – I loveeee cold brews. xx, E

    • If you love cold brews, then you’ll love SToK. Thanks for stopping by, Elaine!

  • Fantastic post! I’m about to take a road trip to the East Coast, so it was perfect timing for your post. Music is key for me…helps to keep me awake and happy. 🙂
    xoxo, erin |

    • Perfect timing indeed! And yes- I need music to stay awake. Especially on late night drives. Enjoy your road trip! The East Coast is so beautiful.

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I love road trips. We took a road trip to CA last year and a nice little short one to Portland this last weekend. it was so much fun!!!

    • How fun! I grew up in California so I am partial to how wonderful CA road trips are. 😉 But Portland is amazing too – so glad you enjoyed your trips!