Sao Acai | Culver City, CA

Sao Acai

Sao Acai

While I was in California earlier this month, I was able to sneak away with my best friends, Hannah and Emily, and go out for açaí bowls together at a new place that opened up in my hometown. (Getting smoothie bowls together is kinda a tradition now after all the time we spent at KURE Juice Bar when we were together in Portland, Oregon.)

São Açaí is located in Culver City, California right by the newly developed Platform. It has a lovely, bright, and clean aesthetic and the staff was so welcoming, helpful, and friendly when came in.

Sao Acai

We ordered what turned out to be some of the most visually stunning smoothie bowls we’d ever seen.

Sao Acai

São Açaí, located in Culver City, serves only the highest quality acai and pitaya based bowls and smoothies. We are committed to using sustainable, market-driven produce with a focus on wellness and nutrition.
São Açaí | About

Sao Acai

Perched on our wooden stools, we enjoyed our smoothie bowls as we watched the world through the window. It’s an area I knew well – goodness – I grew up there. So much has changed in the past few years, though, that it was fascinating to watch it with new eyes and a fresh perspective.

Sao Acai

Is there anything better than an acai bowl on a hot summer afternoon? I don’t think so.

Sao Acai

Sao Acai

I ordered the Green Bowl that is made blended with acai, apple juice, banana, blueberry, strawberry, kale, and spinach and is topped with granola, banana, strawberry, blueberry, and honey. (I asked for added bee pollen and goji berries because bee pollen is amazing and goji berries are delicious.)

Sao Acai

Sao Acai

Sao Acai

Sao Acai

São Açaí is located in the Hayden Tract in Culver City; right across from Platform, “a collection of the world’s most innovative merchants, chefs, and creative companies” (Welcome to Platform.) There are so many unique shops and delicious restaurants to explore and Jen Stark’s mural on the surrounding buildings accents the area perfectly. #helloplatform

Sao Acai

If you find yourself in Culver City, be sure to visit São Açaí and explore Platform!

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  • Mackenzie

    Yum!!! This place looks like an amazing spot. I love acai bowls. Such a good alternative for when I get sick of my normal go-tos.

  • I’ve never tried an Acai Bowl, but I see them everywhere! Do you mostly buy yours or do you make your own sometimes?


  • The Oracle

    Wow! Good for you for being healthy and I love those photos

  • oh these bowls look amazing!! I know there’s a place near me and this totally makes me want to go to it!!

  • I live near culver city! I’ll have to try this!

  • I have never tried one of these but they look so delicious – full of stuff I like!

  • Vincent Carabeo

    Beautiful photos! This definitely made me hungry. Interior shots are beautiful!

  • dianasaur

    These look gorgeous!

  • Your smoothie bowls look delicious. I had my first bowl in Laguna Beach this spring. I knew of Acai Bowls but they aren’t a thing in Chicago and are starting to become more of a thing in Nashville (one opened up in our neighborhood) as of late.

    I hear Costco sells Acai frozen smoothie packets that I want to try!

  • Wow this looks delicious and so pretty!

  • Leah Hall

    What a cool place, plus those smoothie bowls look amazing!

  • Awesome! I wish we had places like that around here! That looks almost too pretty to eat!

  • These look so delicious. I’ve never had an acai bowl before.

  • Amy Ledyard

    Those look divine! I pin smoothie bowl recipes all the time; I think I’m going to have to actually try one!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    This place looks amazing, and I’ll definitely have to check it out the next time I’m in LA! xx

  • I need to eat here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow that bowls looks good and that wall is killer!!! I ned to go to LA.

  • Seems like such a cute place! I could go for one of those smoothie bowls right now!

  • Hannah Farrell

    oh my.. That Acai bowl looks so pretty, and so good! Will have to make a visit!

  • Lifestylequeenbee

    Wow that Acai bowl looks absolutely amazing!! I need to try it if I’m ever in that area!

  • Looks like such a perfect place for an Acai bowl!

  • Looks delicious! The next time I take a road trip to LA, I will have to check it out!

  • These look delicious! I wish we had a place like this in Alabama. We are SO behind.

  • Rebeca Camareno

    It looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh yum! Those Acai bowls look delish!

  • I love acai bowls! I’m not too far from Culver City, so I’ll definitely have to make a stop here one day 🙂

  • Who doesn’t love a good bowl like that?!

  • Mmm I love a good breakfast bowl! These look so tasty and fresh:)

  • Amanda Wolfe

    This looks so amazing!!! I need this in my life right now:)

  • Abby Grajewski

    Yum! This looks soooo amazing!

  • Ooooh the interior looks so fresh and modern!

  • Ashley Garrett Fitting

    I’ve never had one before but I keep meaning to try one!

  • StayWithMeonThis

    Ohhh that architecture! The bowl looks yummy too!

  • That looks so, so yummy! I’ve never tried a smoothie bowl, but I want to so badly!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  • Ruthie Ridley

    I’ve heard so many good things about acai bowls – just never had one! Looks amazing though!

  • These are so gorgeous! I haven’t had an acai bowl in so long… I might need to go get one soon though. Also, that place looks amazing!

  • well THAT sounds amazing! I feel as though that’s a HUGE meal though? you must be so full after eating it

    I mean full of healthy, delicious, gorgeous food, but still so full, lol

  • What a cute place! And those bowls look delicious!!

  • I want to go there immediately! YUM.

  • This looks AMAZING! I had my first acai bowl in San Diego and I am ALL about them!! And the Platform looks so incredible!