Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Travel Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Travel Summer Capsule Wardrobe

When I packed up my first travel capsule wardrobe, I thought I had everything figured out. I thought I had planned so well. Boy, was I wrong. Not only have I sent numerous items back to storage, but I’ve had to make several purchases along the way to fill gaps that I hadn’t known were there. Guess what I forgot to take into account?

Summer in the South.

If you look at my first travel capsule wardrobe, you’ll notice the absence of items ideal for 90+ degree heat in the sticky Southern humidity. After spending May through June in South Carolina and now that I am gearing up to be in Kentucky through the end of August, I’m glad I was flexible enough to make these adjustments.

In case you are new here and don’t already know, my husband and I are currently traveling around the country, moving from hotel to hotel, while living out of suitcases. This capsule is all I am bringing with me in my suitcase. My capsule wardrobe story started almost a year ago and since getting started with my capsule wardrobes there has been no looking back. It has made packing for this adventure so easy and deciding what to bring took hardly no time at all – I already knew what I like wearing and my closet only contained pieces I loved and that work well together.

Discoveries for this updated summer capsule wardrobe include… I didn’t want to wear my dresses. So I sent them both back and haven’t missed them. Also, didn’t wear my scarves or my lovely thick Irish Fisherman Sweater. I’ll wait to enjoy them on cold days after we settle. Two pairs of jeans were enough (because I loathe wearing jeans in the summer) but I needed a pair of versatile and multipurpose black pants. I chose the Halle Zion pant from prAna because they are ethically made and can pass for dress pants (kinda) but they are geared for hiking, travel, and adventure. They roll-up to capris, and they stretch and dry quickly which was exactly what I needed for these days on the road. Other edits include the addition of my Birkenstocks and Chcaos (because my arches need support and I want to show my feet some love this summer) and the switching out of random t-shirts.

When autumn comes, I am anticipating the addition of a lovely flannel plaid overshirt and possibly a maxi dress. We’ll see how I’m feeling when that time comes.

Here’s what I’ve included in my Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe…

9 tees
(Black v-neck tee – Everlane | Moon Cycles tee – United By Blue | Weekend tee – Weekend Tee Co. | Orange Crush tee – Camp Brand Goods 
 |  Everyday tee – Indy BrandElle Est Forte tee – She Is Clothing | Zion National Park tee – Huckberry | Tanks – Jordandene)

See how I styled some of the tees here…
Everlane Black V-Neck
United By Blue Moon Cycles
Camp Brand Goods Orange Crush
Huckberry Zion National Park
She Is Elle Est Forte
Weekend Tee Co.

3 blouses
(Button tank – old | Purple Floral blouse – old | Chambray shirt – old)

3 sweaters
Sweatshirt – Threads4Thought – secondhand from Poshmark
(sign up with code PNMUF for $10 credit)

Charcoal cardigan – old | Black cardigan – old

Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

1 jacket
(J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket – secondhand from eBay)

Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

4 pairs of pants
(Halle Zion pant – prAna | Skinny jeans –  ThredUp |
Levi’s black skinny jeans – made in the USA | Harem pants – The Elephant Pants)

2 pairs of shorts
(Eddie Bauer Canvas shorts & Denim shorts – secondhand from Poshmark)

2 skirts – old

6 pairs of shoes
(Sam Edelman Petty Booties | Converse Sneakers | Saltwater Sandals | Cole Haan Manhattan Ballet Flats | Birkenstock Arizona Sandal | Chacos ZX/2)

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3 bags
(Live FashionABLE Mamuye Tote | Fjallraven Kanken | Fossil Carson – secondhand from Poshmark)

More about my bags and how I pack them…
Travel Tote Essentials
What’s In My Bag?
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Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Activewear + Swimwear
(Under Armour workout tee – old | Eat Your Greens tank – etsy | Nike Tempo shorts – secondhand from Poshmark | Black capris – old | Tank + Sports Bra – Kiava Clothing | Garden Isle Swimsuit – Albion Fit |
New Balance 990 Running Shoe – made in the USA )

Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Pajamas + Loungewear
(Sudara Goods Punjammies – the comfiest pants ever! ethically made in India by women who have overcome sexual slavery – more on this amazing company here.)

Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

(Yellow 108 Eastwood Fedora | Beanie – handmade in Portland, OR | United By Blue Camp Cap)

(Wool Tartan shawl– woven at a family mill in Scotland | This Too Shall Passport scarf – ModCloth |
Black scarf – old)

In the future, I’ll be sharing pictures and tips on how I pack for suitcase living!

Interested in finding out more about capsule wardrobes?
Read my tips for how to get started.

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  • I love the idea of capsule wardrobes, but I can’t bring myself to take the plunge and incorporate this into my own life. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Lauren Jane

    this is amazing to me…all of it! Traveling around the US is a dream of mine, though more like for two weeks then being back at home(I’m a total homebody.) I love this list though, because I need to learn how to capsule wardrobe when travelling-we have six kids and far too many clothes usually!

  • Cute!!!! I am glad you included Chucks in the capsule. That’s important 😉

  • linda spiker

    Capsule wardrobes are such a good idea. Such a time and space saver!

  • I’m so in love with this! I need to organize my wardrobe now!

  • I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try this, but it stresses me out so much! haha

  • The Oracle

    Great choices. These pieces can go with anything

  • Your wardrobe is so cute! I think you have the right idea with having a capsule wardrobe while traveling! <3

  • I’m always impressed when people can do capsules like this. One of these days I need to try Chacos, my feet need support too. I’ve tried Birks and my feet didn’t quite line up with them right.

  • Abby Grajewski

    Looks like a great travel wardrobe!

  • I love all your tees! I am slowly building up my collection of “adventure” tees but I hate how most companies make them out of 100% cotton. They are so hot to hike in! But love them for everyday wear and lots of pictures, let’s be honest. 🙂

  • Your t-shirt collection is awesome! I absolutely love my Birks in the summer. I bought a couple of pairs of sandals earlier in the season, but returned them because they went unworn – I only wear my Birks these days!

  • mapam30

    In the summer I’m in a lot of the same basics too-it’s seems to me you have a pretty versatile collection- You have about 4 more pairs of shoes then I’d take-I swap them for another skirt or short. Now I need to go back to the start and see how this all began =)

  • Chrissa – Physical Kitchness

    My hubs makes fun of me because I love me a good cardigan. Says they are for old ladies – now I need to get him to see this post and show him that fashion and lifestyle bloggers wear cardi’s too. YAY I am cool again! Love all those T’s too!

  • I am loving this capsule idea – I need to try this. It woudl make deciding what to wear so much easier!

  • Joules (Pocketful of Joules)

    I love this idea and I often pare down my closet to only items that I love. I don’t think I could fit them all in a suitcase though… 😉

  • Taylor Smith

    Graphic tees are the BEST. I just bought like a bunch yesterday!

  • Allie Bigoness

    I love that jacket from JCrew, I have it in black and purchased it in baby blue the other day. It’s a great layering piece, keeps you warm when it needs to but also can breathe!

  • Love this- perfect wardrobe!

  • Amanda K

    Perfect for suitcase living! I don’t think I could ever do that.

    Amanda ||

  • Love the wardrobe, especially those graphic tanks!

  • Tanks and shorts are the ONLY way to go in the south! It is so hot down here. I love all of your graphic tees!

  • dianasaur

    Sounds like a great wardrobe!

  • Really great choices. I LOVE that jacket!

  • Casey

    The heat and humidity in the south is insane!!! Definitely need those tanks and shorts!

  • Ruthie Ridley

    Those tees are everything!! Loving these picks!! XO

  • Love these!!! So many fun finds!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Love seeing these capsule wardrobes and thinking I need to do one of these, since I do tend to wear the same things over and over each season so this would actually make sense for me! xx

  • Cute picks, you have adorable taste!! I think I love each item 🙂

  • KatieCarlson721

    The tanks and jean shorts are great, thanks!

  • La Jolla Mom

    Cute picks! Love the jacket!