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  • Salvation Mountain

    Salvation Mountain

    Nestled deep within the lower desert of Southern California, east of the Salton Sea, you can discover Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain. Leonard created his Salvation Mountain as a tribute to God. This is his way of sharing the message of “God Is Love.” After our weekend in Palm Springs, we made the drive through the […]

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  • Welcome to Palm Springs

    Palm Springs

    Location: Palm Springs, CA Back in February, I wrote about a road trip to the Cabazon Dinosaurs and Joshua Tree National ParkI wrote about a road trip to the Cabazon Dinosaurs and Joshua Tree National Park while on my way to  weekend getaway in Palm Springs, California with my best friends. After our dusty drive, […]

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  • Sao Acai | Culver City, CA

    Sao Acai

    While I was in California earlier this month, I was able to sneak away with my best friends, Hannah and Emily, and go out for açaí bowls together at a new place that opened up in my hometown. (Getting smoothie bowls together is kinda a tradition now after all the time we spent at KURE […]

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  • Cafe Vida | Culver City, CA

    Cafe Vida, Culver City

    I first visited Cafe Vida when I traveled to California for Christmas, and I loved it so much, I was excited to go back for breakfast when I was in California again. Located right next to the Kirk Douglas Theatre, it’s nestled right in heart of Downtown Culver City (my hometown.) Tee – Everlane | Jeans – ThredUp | Jacket […]

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  • California Road Trip

    California Road Trip

    I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. California road trips are the epitome of joy. There’s just something so perfect about the sunshine days and how the desert turns to mountains turns to beaches. I love driving along the coast and watching surfers in the vast Pacific. Driving through other states just […]