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  • Mini Capsule Wardrobe | LuLaRoe

    LuLaRoe Mini Capsule Wardrobe

    LuLaRoe, where through fashion we create freedom, serve others, and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose and growth. LuLaRoe | About A few months ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of LuLaRoe and, since then, there has been no turning back. In short, […]

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  • National Park Memories

    Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

    Details: Zion National Park Tee from Huckberry I first visited Zion National Park in the fall of 2003. I was eight years old and we were en route, loaded into our Suburban, road tripping from California to Colorado. I have such fond memories of the trip. My brother and I had new stuffed animals and seat-back-organizers […]

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  • Travel Tote Essentials

    Travel Mamuye Tote Adventure Essentials

    It seems like I’ve spent much of my current adult life searching for the perfect tote. The Madewell Transport tote is a classic choice, but, when I decided to only purchase clothing and accessories that were ethically made, I had to continue my search. As a traveler, I knew that the tote that I chose as […]

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  • Birkenstocks | Arizona Sandals

    Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

    I love sandals. Growing up in Southern California, I rarely wore anything else. When temperatures hardly drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, what reason is there to give up the freedom of sandals for close-toed shoes? As a kid, I pretty much wore Birkenstocks exclusively. I remember this pair that I had that were blue with […]

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  • Travel Capsule Wardrobe

    Even though I shared my winter capsule wardrobe last month and was planning on wearing that capsule until the end of March, the sudden news that we are moving has forced me to readjust my plans. For the next two years, my husband and I will be traveling around the country, moving from hotel to […]

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  • Secondhand Shopping Tips

    Secondhand Shopping Tips

    Does secondhand shopping online seem overwhelming and complicated? Then read on to discover some of my favorite tips and tricks. When I began to curate my capsule wardrobe and decided to invest in quality instead of quantity, I was determined to do it in a sustainable and ethical way. In the past few months, I […]

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  • Yellow 108 | Eastwood Fedora

    Yellow 108 Eastwood Fedora

    The color yellow is amazing. It’s a color that radiates sunshine, joy, intellect, and energy. 108 is the Pantone color for a bright and sunny yellow. Now, about the Yellow 108 company. It’s located in Los Angeles (a city that will always be home to me) and utilizes textile waste to sustainably create high-quality headwear from recycled materials. […]

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  • Winter Capsule Wardrobe

    Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Project 333

    Interested to find out how I developed my winter capsule wardrobe and discovered Project 333? Well, then read on, my friends. After getting married, I knew that something had to change. My closet was full of clothes that I hardly wore and I had trouble keeping everything organized and tidy in my small closet in our studio […]