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  • Hiking Pack Essentials

    Hiking Pack Essentials

    If you’ve been reading my blog for any short amount of time, it will come as no surprise when I tell you that I love hiking. If I could choose my ideal way to spend a weekend, it will involve being outdoors, exploring some new trail. Since Austin and I are currently traveling around the […]

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  • May Favorites

    May Favorites Featured

    I have some exciting May Favorites to share today… Savannah Bee Company Wild Blackberry Honey Lotion One small hive—that was the humble origin of Savannah Bee Company. Today, the one small hive concept is the very foundation on which our company’s mission and philosophy rests. We believe the noble honeybee is the perfect role model […]

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  • April Favorites

    April Favorites

    Time to share my April Favorites! In my quest to use the most natural products on my body, I knew that nail polish was my next step. Over the years, I had collected so many beautiful colors that I loved, but, after reading about how nail polish can have a negative effect on your hormones and […]

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  • Coconut Oil Hair Mask | DIY

    Coconut Oil Hair Mask

    Since I mentioned making a coconut oil hair mask in my February Favorites post, several people have asked me to share more detailed information. As a result, today I want to share with you all my simple, but effective… Coconut Oil Hair Mask You will need… organic virgin unrefined coconut oil (amount varies depending on […]

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  • March Favorites

    March Favorites

    Just a couple March favorites to share with you all today since I spent last month in California with my family and I’m just now getting settled in our apartment in Oregon where we’ll be living for the next few weeks. All opinions are always my own, but I’m always glad to hear your thoughts in […]

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  • Indoor Herb Garden | DIY

    Austin and I recently spent a quiet weekend running errands for our project of building our indoor herb garden. Because Chicago is currently covered by a layer of icy snow, I was craving life and something green. We recently moved all the furniture around in our tiny apartment and we had an clear corner and an […]