Tea + Cupcakes | O’Fallon, Illinois

Fezziwig's Tea

Fezziwig's Tea

There isn’t much I love more than a mug of hot tea. And that’s why, when I was in southern Illinois visiting Austin’s family after we moved, I was so excited to go with his mom and sister to a local tea shop. Welcome to Fezziwig’s Market.  A delightful spot filled with culinary luxuries, balsamic, olive oils, local honey, wine, and the most superb tea.

After sampling and smelling dozen of teas, we picked out our favorites and left with enough bags of loose leaf tea to last us a long time. My personal favorite was a called Harrison’s Irish Cottage – a black tea with coconut shreds, wild strawberry leaves, and safflower petals. Their Lavender Mint is a close second – a floral herbal tea with organic spearmint, chamomile, lavender, rose petals. I’ve been enjoying both tremendously over the past few weeks.

Sweet Katie Bee's

After our tea-hunting adventures, we were cold and hungry so we stopped at Sweet Katie Bee’s Cupcake and Coffee Bar on our way back home.

Sweet Katie Bee's

At Sweet Katie Bee’s, we are committed to providing our community with whole, sustainably raised food and conserving the resources of our environment. We use organics, fair-trade, and locally raised products, our disposables are compostable or made from recycled materials, and we make our desserts, meals, and smoothies from scratch.
Sweet Katie Bee’s | About Us

Tea and Cupcakes

Upon arriving back home, we brewed tea, and enjoyed our Lemon-Blueberry Cupcakes (which were filled with fresh lemon curd – yes please!)

Tea and Cupcakes

Tea and cupcakes – what could be better?

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