Weekend Lifestyle at the Red River Gorge

Kentucky Weekend

Kentucky Weekend

Go places. Do things.

That’s the tagline of the Weekend Tee Co. and I couldn’t more in love with it. A weekend lifestyle isn’t just about weekends. It’s about exploring, wandering, visiting new places, accomplishing goals, getting things done, and seizing the day. Since I’m a nomad (current location: Kentucky) this means getting out of the hotel and blazing a new trail or trying a local restaurant; visiting a museum, or going for a walk. It’s not always about grand adventures (although those are amazing too.) Living a weekend lifestyle is as simple as going places and doing things.

Kentucky Weekend

Weekend Tee Co. was kind enough to send me one of their insanely soft shirts to wear on my nomadic travels. On a summer Saturday a couple of weekends ago, my Weekend Tee was the perfect companion for our hike in the Red River Gorge.

Kentucky Weekend

Kentucky Weekend

Weekend Tee Co. prides themselves in making Responsible Tee Shirts that are Made in the USA. Since I purpose to only purchase clothing that was made ethically (or that’s secondhand) that was all I needed to get fully on board with this company’s mission and purpose.

We know our tees cost a little more than the big box stores, but you can also feel good about the fact that our tee’s feature: eco-manufacturing (nearly no waste for land fills), paper-less & solar-powered facilities (yay for trees!), and 100% NO sweat shop. Our screen printed inks are water-based and applied by a human hand – craftsmanship at its best. All shirts are made in the USA. Weekend Tee Co. | About Us

Kentucky Weekend

Kentucky Weekend

My Weekend Tee is, by far, the comfiest shirt I own and I was so excited to be able to wear in on our latest hike to Natural Bridge in the Red River Gorge. The Red River Gorge Geological Area is located inside Daniel Boone National Forest and is characterized by lush greenery, fascinating rock formations, and towering sandstone arches. We hiked roughly 3.25 miles up to Natural Bridge via Hood’s Branch Trail and then about 2 miles back down via the Rock Garden Trail.  It was humid and 91 degrees fahrenheit and even though we were hot and sweaty, the beauty of the hike and the wonder of the Natural Bridge made the sticky trek worth it.

Kentucky Weekend

Kentucky Weekend

Outfit Details: Weekend Tee – Weekend Tee Co.  | Shorts – secondhand from Poshmark |
Backpack – Fjallraven Kanken | Hiking Socks –  Darn Tough Vermont | New Balance 990 Running Shoe – made in the USA

Kentucky Weekend

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”
-William Feather

Kentucky Weekend

Hood’s Branch Trail must not be one of the more popular ways to get to Natural Bridge because we only saw a couple of people on our way and it was overgrown and several places were difficult to pass.

Kentucky Weekend

Wandering outside… Going places… Doing things… There’s not much else that makes me feel more alive and like I’m actually living.

Kentucky Weekend

We finally made it to Natural Bridge and sat on a rock to eat as we waited for the crowds to dissipate before heading up and passing through Fat Man’s Squeeze.

Kentucky Weekend

This View.

Kentucky Weekend

Kentucky Weekend

Kentucky Weekend Red River Gorge

Our hike in the Red River Gorge was just another reminder to pursue adventure and live intentionally. Go places. Do things. Wear tee shirts. It’s a simple recipe for a spectacular life.

It’s almost the weekend!
Where are you going and what things are you doing?

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  • Ok so I hope this doesn’t sound creepy or anything, but where do you live? You’re always posting so many adventures nearby where I’m located in Southwest VA (Lebanon, VA specifically). Have you ever been to The Channels? It’s in my county and is awesome! Gorgeous photos, by the way!

    • Not creepy at all. 😉 I actually don’t have a home – my husband and I are nomads and are currently living in hotels and traveling all around the USA. Right now, we’re located in Lexington, KY. I’ve never been the the Channels, though. I’ll look it up and add it to our list of places to explore in we find ourselves in VA – thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  • Candy Kage

    Your photos are beautiful. You are seizing the moment that is for sure. Wish I had the money to travel like you do.

    • Thank you so much, Candy! Traveling is such a blessing – we would never be able to afford it under normal conditions, but my husband’s job is what we are traveling for so we’re striving to enjoy the blessing of his job and explore the places it takes us on the weekends.

  • Abbey Phipps

    Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!! What a fun adventure with your husband! 🙂

    • It was a tremendously fun adventure! Thanks for stopping by Abbey!

  • Abby Grajewski

    What a beautiful place! Literally just wrote it down on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

  • Natural bridge is just amazing. I love it there. And I am always hearing good things about the Weekend Company.

  • Beautiful place! And I love your tee. 🙂

  • ohhh so many beautiful photos!! The Tee is awesome

  • I always love your photos! I love the backpack as well!


  • kp

    This looks like a gorgeous place to go hiking. I don’t go on nearly enough hikes! The Weekend Tee’s look so comfortable. There’s nothing worse than going for a hike in something that you’re not super comfy in! I should check them out 🙂

  • StayWithMeonThis

    Oh my gosh all those textures! It’s beautiful, and your pictures are great! 🙂

  • Beautiful photos! What a great place to hike! I’m going to have to check out the Weekend Tee Co. I love that they are made in the US and don’t employ sweat shops.

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Looks like such a fun weekend outdoors! You look like you’re having such a great time 🙂 xx adaatude.com