Workplace Health Hacks

Workplace Health Hacks

Workplace Health Hacks

Staying healthy is important to me. And, if I’m going to live a healthy lifestyle, I need to have workplace health as well as health at home. Maintaining your health at work might take a bit more effort and some planning ahead, but it is well worth it in the long-run.

Here are some of my favorite workplace health hacks that I want to share with you today.

Workplace Health Hacks - Bike to Work

Bike to work //

I work as a the Box Office Manager at a performing arts theatre that’s about two miles from my apartment. During the spring, summer, and fall, I ride my bike. This winter, due to icy conditions, I haven’t been able to, but, weather permitting, you’ll find me pedaling to work on my bike. It’s an easy way to get a work-out in before getting to work and bike riding is so much fun too.

Workplace Health Hacks - Make Dinner

Make healthy meals in advance //

Having a healthy wholesome dinner waiting for you at home after a busy day is imperative so you aren’t tempted to go through a drive-thru for dinner on your way home or eat just whatever is quick and easy. I will use my days off to cook healthy lunches and dinners that can be eaten as leftovers during the week. My crock-pot is also amazing for show days at the theatre when I know I’ll be covering a show shift and working late so I know that there will be a hot and healthy meal ready to eat when I get home.

Workplace Health - Breaks

Break up your day //

I’m not the kind of girl who can sit still for hours on end. I get up at least every half-hour to stretch, walk around the theatre, refill my water bottle, take the stairs, or step outside for a breath of fresh air. Physical activity is important and sitting for long periods of time isn’t healthy, so getting up for little bits at a time is the perfect way to help your health in a small way.

Workplace Health Hacks - Water Bottle

Stay hydrated //

Bring a refillable water bottle with you to work. Not only does having it next to you at your desk help to keep you hydrated, but it’s also good for the environment to not waste plastic bottles or paper cups.

Workplace Health Hacks - Walk

Take a walk //

Have some extra time during your lunch break? Step outside and take a walk. I love walking in the area around the theatre. It gives me a chance to clear my head and promote my mental wellbeing in addition to my physical health.

Workplace Health Hacks - Snacks

Keep healthy snacks handy //

Fruits and nuts are always a good idea and my favorite bring-to-work snacks include and apple and almond butter, hard boiled eggs, dried fruit, nuts, and certain whole foods bars. sells a variety of healthy snack options that would be ideal for taking along with you to work.

Workplace Health Hacks - Stairs

Take the stairs //

When I go to work, I don’t need to choose between stairs and an elevator, but I know I’m not the first one to tell you that taking the stairs is the healthier choice. In between shifts, when the theatre is empty and there isn’t a show, I like to climb the stairs up to the balcony a few times to get in a quick work-out.

The Poppy Anthology Workplace Hacks

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy at work?

  • Oh man, I wish I could bike to work! I have a 40 minute drive =o

    Good hacks, though! You just reminded me I have not had enough water today so I’m filling up now 🙂

  • Love these health hacks. I’ve used several of them myself including the crock pot. Love that thing…. I can use a couple of these (like stair breaks) even though I work at home. Thanks!

  • I tried biking to work a few times last year… oh, how a quick 20 min ride refreshed my morning! This is a great reminder to start doing that again. Thank you!

    XOXO – Danielle @

  • Great tips! My husband would always bike to work before he retired. Where I used to work, I would always bring healthy meals and snacks. Also, I kept a microwave and fridge at work, so that helped a lot.

  • I love doing anything that gets my body moving and these are exactly the things I love to do too. These are awesome health hacks that are so easy to incorporate on a daily basis.
    xx, Kusum |

  • Unfortunately, all the companies in my niche are at least 45-60 minutes away from my home, so I have to take the local train for commuting. But, I’m agreeing to all the hacks! Thanks for this! x

  • All really great reminders. Anything to stay healthy at work is great info. The alternative is we sit way too much, eat like trolls and subject ourselves to premature aging at best and even worse disease like diabetes and cancer. (See “Sitting Kills” – Joan Vernikos)

  • These are some great tips! I stay home with my son but I can still use these ideas! <3

  • Need to read this – I am working some long hours these days and the unhealthy habits are winning. Especially with hydration and snacking. Thanks for the reminder – going to start making a conscious effort to put these into practice.

  • Love these! I have to get up for a walking break very often otherwise I get really ansy. I’m also fortunate enough to have a sit/stand desk, so I can stand and work which is also a huge help!

  • We are on the 4th floor of our building, so every hour or two, we rally each other to do a “stair run”. Up and down all 4 flights once. I like to walk at lunch when the weather is good.

    I also do the shopping for the office snacks, so I try to provide all natural juices, and healthier options among the junk food. It’s so hard to sit all day. I secretly miss waiting tables. My legs and back never hurt. But my paycheck did. 🙂

  • I’m so thankful I work at a place that promotes healthy lifestyles! We not only are encouraged to do all of these things but also have access to healthy foods and water!

  • I’m so thankful that I work in a place that promotes a healthy lifestyle!

  • Love these tips and these photos! They look rustic- I love it. And that apple and nut butter… mmm. Those healthy snacks definitely look like delicious things to have on hand when hunger strikes!