National Park Memories

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

Details: Zion National Park Tee from Huckberry

I first visited Zion National Park in the fall of 2003. I was eight years old and we were en route, loaded into our Suburban, road tripping from California to Colorado. I have such fond memories of the trip. My brother and I had new stuffed animals and seat-back-organizers for our clunky old CD players and coloring books. Some things never change (like my love of Birkenstocks) and some things completely do (like the fact I ate pasta every night on that trip and I can hardly eat any pasta at all now.) However, one thing that was imbedded deep inside of me was a love for Zion and National Parks.

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

Zion National Park circa 2003

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

I may be all grown-up now and I don’t find myself singing along to our compilation of John Denver CDs while eating trail mix on family road trips any more, I do still seek out new adventures and chances to explore every chance I get. Since this year is the National Park Service’s centennial, I’m using it as an excuse to visit as many National Parks as I can. And if our travels take us anywhere near Utah, you can bet your bottom dollar that Zion National Park will be on that list.

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

With my brother at Weeping Rock at Zion National Park circa 2003

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

I have such fond memories of kid-friendly hikes all of those years ago and standing, gazing up in awe at Weeping Rock in the happy days of my childhood. Those memories are what have given me the desire to go back with my husband. To climb to Angels Landing and hike to Observation Point and tread through the Narrows. One day. And then, in an even further away One Day, to go back again with my own children and do those same kid-friendly hikes my parents took us on. It’s a beautiful wonderful cycle.

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

Zion National Park circa 2003

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

Those memories and future hopes flood my thoughts every time I slip on this oh-so-soft adventure tee from Huckberry on. These tees are a Huckberry x Homage collaboration that pay tribute to America’s National Parks and Monuments and, from the soft fabric to the retro logo to the fact that it was made in the USA, these shirts are perfect. (To make everything even better, $1 of every t-shirt sold is being donated to National Parks.)

We’re proud to partner with our longtime friends at Homage to introduce a Huckberry-exclusive collection of American-made tees that pay (for lack of a better word) ‘homage’ to a few of our absolute favorite places and vistas that inspired our undying love for the great outdoors. Huckberry

Huckleberry Homage Zion Tee

What are some of your favorite National Park memories?

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  • LiviaRachelle

    Oh, we visited Zion National Park this past May. We only spent a few hours because we were doing a fly-by trip (Mom called in our Western Survey Trip; we traveled from the South through the West to San Diego, spent a few days in S.D. and then toured new states on the way back). We all wanted to go back.

  • Man, I’ve been wanting to go to Zion! I looks like a great place to enjoy nature!

  • Nicole Leith

    I love visiting the national parks and have been downright outraged by all of the stupidity of people messing with them lately – the graffiti and putting animals in your car because they look cold…gr! Zion is on our list to visit in the near future and can’t wait to explore all of the nearby parks that we’ve yet to explore since we moved to Colorado.

  • Zion National Park is one we haven’t been to yet but can’t wait to visit! Love that they have a mix of kid-friendly hikes!

  • Oh fun! These are great pictures!

  • Greta Hollar

    Those pictures are gorgeous! They make me want to visit!

    Greta |

  • Karin Rambo

    I’ve never been, but I would love to! I have to say that your comment about visiting when you were 8 in 2003 made me feel so old haha! I was a sophomore in college in 2003. 🙂

  • How fun that you have a shirt that is adorable and is also a great memory! <3

  • Elly Leavitt

    The scenery is beautiful! Definitely a bucket list item x

  • I love that Huckberry donates back to National Parks. I haven’t been to Zion in a while however, after reading this it has taken me back to when I was last there and reminded me of my need to get back there again.

  • What beautiful photos! I’ve never even heard of Zion National Park, but it’s definitely on my must-visit list now…truly stunning! The tees are so fun too. Definitely checking out their line of designs…

  • I love it. I miss being a kid and going on family trips. I mean, the car ride was never fun but everything else was. Now i don’t travel because of the costs. I wish I could see Zion in person.

  • Maranda

    My family and I just moved to Colorado and are avid campers. Zion is on our list to hit this summer! Great photos, I can’t wait to see it in person!

  • WOW! That’s beyond beautiful. I love visiting national parks but have never visited any in the US.

    I’ve done a lot of camping at national parks in Canada, shooting rapids, portage, cook outs and swimming in crystal clear lakes. Very happy memories 🙂

  • What a cute t-shirt! Zion is on mine and the hubby’s bucket list 🙂

  • Looks like a fantastic time! Zion is practically in my backyard (well, it’s in my home state and only a few hours away) and I have never been. Can you believe it? I need to go!